Foundations 100 Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station

Foundations Model 100-SS Stainless Steel Horizontal Changing Station (Recessed)

The Foundations 100-SS Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station is the highest quality stainless steel baby changing station on the market.  The unit is built with a full stainless steel frame making it incredibly durable and resistant to vandalism.  The pneumatic gas shock ensures a smooth, safe open and close motion.The interior bed is made from polyethylene.  The safety belt is easily adjusted with one hand.  Finally the corners are cushioned for safety.

All 100-SS baby changing stations come equipped with easy to read ANSI compliant labels (ANSI Z535.3 and ANSI Z535.4), and utilizes universal safety symbols.  Each unit includes one changing station door sign.

The Foundations 100-SS is available in 4 different models:
  • 100-SS-R Horizontal Recessed 
  • 100-SS-SM Horizontal Surface Mount
  • 100-SSV-R Vertical Recessed
  • 100-SSV-SM Vertical Surface Mount

All four Models come with a Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years.

Open unit protrudes 21.75"
  1. Rough-in dimensions for recessed unit: 34.25" W x 21.875" H
  2. Replaceable high-hygiene polystyrene tray.
  3. Cushioned safety corner.



Recommended Blocking:

Wood double stud blocking is necessary. Contact an architect and building official to make sure the blocking is adequate and complies with building codes (Fig b).

1. Slide changer into blocking area and mark mounting hole location on blocking studs.

HINT: This may require 2 additional people to help hold changer in position while you are marking the locations.

2. Shim changer for a snug fit.

3. Align holes in changer with marked holes and secure using the appropriate fasteners (Fig. c).

NOTE: It is installers responsibility to provide correct fasteners for other substrates.

4. Ensure all six (6) fasteners are tight.